Japanese and Western course meals

Let us serve you a supreme gourmet meal with generous amounts
of ingredients from the mountains and the sea.
Our dishes are packed full of both Japanese and Western deliciousness.


Offering elegant meals with both Japanese and Western delights.


Colorful ingredients from the
mountains and sea
Serving blissful Japanese and
Western fusion courses

We liberally use ingredients from the mountains and sea, and present them beautifully too.

Enjoy the bright colors of the ingredients decorating your dinner table.


  • Breakfast
  • Breakfast

Get the energy you need for your day with a warm bowl of rice.
Take your time and enjoy.


  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant
  • Restaurant

You can take your time to enjoy your meal in this space where the hours drift slowly by. Share your meals with your family, friends, and loved ones.

Depending on the food item, we may be unable to comply with your allergy requirements. Please contact us in advance.

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